Analyses of miscellaneous materials of green-gemmous Lophozias have shown: (1) L. silvicola is a distinct species from L.ventricosa. (2) L. iremelensis is synonymous with L. ventricosa and treatment of the former as conspecific with L. wenzelii is erroneous. (3) Jungermannia groenlandica is a distinct variety of L. wenzelii. (4) The separating of the sect. Guttulatae is unfounded because of absence of constant defining features from sect. Lophozia. So, sect. Guttulatae should be rejected. (5) L. silvicoloides seems to be a more or less common species of East Siberia and Far East with a few disjunctions in Europe. The species is close on the one hand to L.silvicola and on the other hand to L. ascendens. Two new combinations are proposed: Lophozia ventricosa var. guttulata (Lindb. et H. W. Arnell) Bakalin comb. nov. and Lophozia wenzelii var. groenlandica (Nees) Bakalin comb. n. The key for identification of Holarctics green-gemmous Lophozias is presented.