The annotated check-list of liverworts of Sikhote-Alin Reserve is provided. The Reserve occupies the East and West macroslopes of the Middle Sikhote-Alin Mts. (4449'4541'; 13548'13634' E; 01593 m alt.; area 3870 sq. km). Its territory is within the East Asiatic coniferous-broad-leaved and South-Okhotsky dark-coniferous forest geobotanic regions, with upper belt having mountain tundra above 1200 m alt.; the latter area was treated by the Quaternary Glaciation. Eight liverwort species occurring in the upper belts of Pinus pumila and Betula ermanii are new for Primorsky Territory. Scapania irrigua, S. cf. lingulata, S. mucronata, S. paludicola, Marsupella commutata appear to be new for the territory too, Orthocaulis attenuatus is new for the south of Russian Far East and Scapania bolanderi is new for Russia. Altogether 89 liverwort species from 46 genera are found in the Reserve, that is the highest number of species among all investigated reserved floras in the South of Russian Far East. The hepatic flora of the Sikhote-Alin Reserve is resembling to the floras of the Khingansky Reserve (Amurskaya Province), Komsomolsky and Bolshekhekhzirsky Reserves (Khabarovsk Territory) and Lazovsky Reserve (Primorsky Territory). The abbreviations in the species list are as follow: UN 1-2 collections; R 3-4; Sp 5-7; Fr 8-10; Com more than 10; numbers correspond to the collecting localities in Fig. 1.