The result of study of collections from 16 localities in Ust-Maya District is presented. 253 species were found; their list is annotated by altitudinal and habitat data. Localities of some species extend their ranges considerably: Plagiothecium berggrenianum, Hypnum saitoi, Indusiella thianschanica, Bardunovia baicalensis, Didymodon hedysariformis, etc. Nomenclatural novelties are: Orthotrichum iwatsukii Ignatov, nom. et stat. nov. [=O. macounii var. japonicum Iwats., O. laevigatum Zett. var. japonicum (Iwats.) Lewinsky] and Pylaisia steerei (Ando & Higuchi) Ignatov [=Pylaisiella steerei Ando & Higuchi].