The bryophytes of the Sylva River valley in 15 km south-east from the Kungur City is studied; the explored area being ca. 20 km2. The list of species includes 159 species, 140 mosses and 19 hepatics. 62 species are found in this place for the first time, including new and rare for Ural species: Seligeria pusilla, Rhynchostegium murale, Entodon schleicheri, Eurhynchium angustirete, Fabronia ciliaris, Fissidens exiguus, Homomallium incurvatum, Dicranella humilis. The following abbreviations are used in the species list: U unique; RR very rare; R rare; MC moderately common; C common; VC very common; S+ means presence of sporophytes.