Moss flora of rock outcrops has been studied in the forest belt on the eastern slope of the Northern Urals (northern districts of Sverdlovsk region, Russia, at 5915'6355'N). 115 species have been found, of which 10 (Amblystegium varium, Campylium calcareum, Dicranum viride, Didymodon fallax var. reflexus, Eurhynchium hians, Gymnostomum aeruginosum, Seligeria campylopoda, Tortula mucronifolia, T. muralis var. aestiva, Zygodon viridissimus) are new to the Northern Urals, and 5 (Entodon concinnus, Grimmia teretinervis, Seligeria brevifolia, S. galinae, S. tristichoides) to the whole area of the Ural Mts.