The list of bryophytes of Central Russian Uppland, a separate physiogeographic land of the of the East Europe, is given. Brief essay of natural conditions and history of bryological investigation is provided. The major part of the Central Russian Uppland is situated in the forest-steppe zone, while its northern part is in area of deciduous forests and the southern one is in the steppe zone. Specific peculiarity of the region is the abundance of chalk and limestone outcrops on slopes to river valleys and ravines. The conspect of bryoflora includes 370 taxa; collections of author (of 1981-2002) and revised by author are marked with !. Species are annotated as follow: 1d monoicous, 2d dioicous, 1/2d polyoicous; S+/- sporophyte present/absent; LF life form; C coenoelement; E ecology; G geoelement; and frequency (rr very rare, 1-5 localities, r rare, 6-15, p sporadic, 16-30, fq frequent, 31 50, fqq very frequent, >50). Other abbreviations are in forword to the species list. The analysis of bryoflora will be done in the second part of this paper.