Sikhote-Alinsky biosphere reserve is situated on the eastern and western macroslopes of the middle Sikhote-Alin (4449 4541N; 13548 13634E, area 3870 sq. km). Forests occupy up to 90% of the territory; coniferousbroad-leaved, broad-leaved and fir-spruce forests prevail. The annotated list includes 191 species, 1 subspecies and 2 varietes. Thus it is third in moss species diversity among 6 reserves of the Primorsky Territory, after the Ussuriysky (233) and the Lazovsky (215 species) Reserves. Mielichhoferia mielichhoferiana, Polytrichum jensenii, Racomitrium laetum, Sphagnum lenense are reported from the Primorsky Territory for the first time. Rather many species which occur in Russia only in the Far East and mostly in its southern half are characteristic to the reserves bryoflora, as well as to the entire south of the Russian Far East. There are more than 20% of such Far-Eastern species in the reserve bryoflora. Among them are species with both East-Asian (Boulaya mittenii, Haplocladium strictulum, Plagiomnium acutum, Pogonatum japonicum, Taxiphyllum aomoriense, Trachycystis ussuriensis etc. ) and East-Asian North-American (Brothera leana, Pleuroziopsis ruthenica, Pylaisiella intricata, Pogonatum contortum,Tetraphis geniculata etc.) distribution.