A list of 172 species of mosses and 57 species of liverworts collected by the first author in 2002 in two localities in SW Kamchatka is provided. These localities are: the Middle Bannaya River 5254N 15730E (#1 in Fig. 1) and the interfluve of Bolshaya Bystraya and Nachilova Rivers 5306N 15653E (#2 in Fig. 1). The list is annotated by data on frequency (Rar rare, found in 1-3 sites; Sp sporadic, 4-9 sites; Fr frequent, 10-20 sites; and Com widespread, in more than 20 sites), distribution, ecology, reproduction, and, in some cases, on taxonomy. The occurrence of sporophytes is abbreviated as S+. The species collected 1-2 times are characterized by the full label and specimen number data. For the other species data on ecology are generalized and 1-2 representative specimens are listed. 17 species of mosses and 15 species of liverworts are new for Kamchatka. Jungermannia evansii is recorded for first time for Eurasia. New combination is proposed: Schistochilopsis obtusa (Lindb.) Potemkin comb. nov. A taxonomic and geographic consideration of the species list is provided.