The morphology and taxonomic status of the genus Hattoriella (H. Inoue) H. Inoue is discussed. It is concluded that Hattoriella is a well defined taxon which merits generic status. Two new combinations Hattoriella morrisoncola (Horikawa) Bakalin comb. nov. and H. subcrispa (Herzog) Bakalin comb. nov. are presented. Hattoriella includes two species: H. morrisoncola and H. subcrispa. It is shown that Lophozia subcrispa Herzog should be placed in the genus Hattoriella rather than in Lophozia (Dumort.) Dumort. s. str. The distribution of H. morrisoncola appears to be temperate East Asiatic with a more or less noticeable pacific tendency. To date this species has been found in Japan, Taiwan, Southwest China, Bhutan and Russia (Baikal Area). Hattoriella subcrispa is known from Sumatra only. Leiocolea (Hattoriella) kateninii Schljakov is synonymized with Leiocolea badensis (Gottsche) Jorg.