The Strict Nature Reserve Kuznetskij Alatau is situated in the mountains with the same name that are the northern part of Altay-Sayany Mountain System of South Siberia. Its territory includes 412900 hectars. Vegetation is presented by mountain forests with dominance of Pinus sibirica, Picea abies and Abies sibirica, subalpine meadows and alpine types. Hepatics have been studied by authors during the relatively short field trip in the northern part of the reserve in 2000. An annotated list of hepatics counts 110 species including a number of species rare in Siberia and the whole world. Six species (Asterella gracilis, Cephalozia macounii, Eremonotus myriocarpus, Haplomitrium hookeri, Moerckia hibernica, Nardia japonica) are found in South Siberia for the first time. The distribution and ecology of hepatics in Nature Reserve are discussed.