Numerous additions are reported for the bryoflora of the Pechora-Ilych Biosphere Reserve (Komi Republic; Northern Urals). Field work was performed in three geographically separated areas, situated in different altitudinal belts in the basin of the Pechora River (6125'-6145' N 5653'-5710' E; 6200-11' N 5805-38' E; 6200-07' N 5900-15' E). 81 bryophyte species and varieties have been found to be new to the Reserve, among them 17 species new to Komi Republic, 6 species (Lophozia pellucida, Sauteria alpina, Dicranella humilis, Bryum amblyodon, B. bicolor, Pohlia bulbifera) new to the Northern Urals, and 2 species (Cirriphyllum tommasinii, Pseudocalliergon trifarium) and 2 varieties (Lophozia pellucida var. pellucida, Dicranella schreberiana var. robusta) new to the whole Ural Mts. Thus, the total number of bryophyte taxa known from the Reserve is 319 species and 3 varieties of mosses and 91 species and 2 varieties of hepatics. The following abbreviations are used in the list of species: R rare (species known from 1-3 localities within the study area); MC moderately common (4-8 localities); C common (9 and more localities); S+ means that sporophytes are present. Species new to Komi Republic are marked with (*), those new to the Northern Urals with (+).