Taxonomy, distribution, and ecology of little known taxa of section Sudeticae Schljakov (L. lacerata N. Kitag., L. schusteriana Schljakov, and intraspecific taxa of L. wenzelii (Nees) Steph.) are discussed. Lophozia wenzelii var. massularioides var. nov. is described. Lophozia wenzelii var. litoralis (Arnell) comb. nov. is proposed. The identification key to intraspecific taxa of Lophozia wenzelii is presented. Separating the sect. Longidentatae R.M. Schust. from the sect. Lophozia seems to be unfounded due to the absence of defining features. The new circumscription of the sect. Lophozia and list of its species are presented. Lophozia sect. Savicziae Bakalin sect. nov. is described. Its defining features are an unstable structure of oil-bodies and unstable stem tissue differentiation.