The genus Heteroscyphus is recorded for the first time from Russia from Primorye Territory, southern part of the Russian Far East, Lozovskiy Nature Reserve (ca. 4313-14 N 13401-02 E, ~300 m alt.). The plants were identified as H. planus f. subinteger a small form of the species with subentire leaves. Distinctive features of the genus Heteroscyphus from the most close genus Chiloscyphus s.l. (subgenera Chiloscyphus and Lophocolea) are listed. Differentiation of sterile plants of H. planus f. subinteger from species of Pedinophyllum, Chiloscyphus s.str., and Ch. appalachicola which may be confused with it is given. Complete description, illustrations and key to differentiation of H. planus from H. argutus, H. coalitus and H. tener which occurrence is most probable in Russia are provided.