Moss flora of Salnye Tundry mountains (area I in Fig. 1) and of adjacent lowland (II environs of Pusozero, III environs of Vuva) was studied. 213 species from 85 genera and 29 familis were found. The list of mosses is annotated by frequency (Com everywhere found in more than 15 different localities, Fr frequent more than 10, Sp sporadic 6-10, Rar rare 1-5 localities), occurrence in different vegetation belts (f forest below 300-350 m alt., sa subalpine, represented by open birch forests below 400-450 m alt., a alpine, i. e. mountain tundra above 450-500 m alt.; the preferred belt is marked by +), frequently accompanying moss species, categories of Red Data Book of Murmansk Region for protected species (as number after KKM). For species collected from 1-2 points a full label of every localities is given. Comparison with other areas of Kola Peninsula and distribution of some species are discussed.