The genus Pseudocrossidium is represented in Russia by two species, P. hornschuchianum (Schultz) R.H.Zander and P. obtusulum (Lindb.) H. A. Crum & L. E. Anderson. The latter species has been known from Europe and North America, but recently it was collected on Anabarskoe Plateau (subarctic Siberia), Middle Ural Mts. in Perm Province and in Rostov-na-Donu Province (southern part of european Russia). A revision of two available herbarium collections of P. hornschuchianum from Asian Russia revealed that one of them also belongs to P. obtusulum (from subarctic Yakutia, middle course of Indigirka River), while the other is not a member of this genus. Thus P. hornschuchianum is excluded from the flora of Asian Russia, but it is confirmed for the southern and south-eastern regions of European Russia, and an unconfirmed record remains for Kaliningrad Province. Pseudocrossidium revolutum (Brid.) R.H.Zander is excluded from the moss flora of Russia. Descriptions, illustrations, ecological data, and key for species identification are provided. Also Pseudocrossidium obtusulum is reported as a new species for Turkmenistan.