Chromosome numbers were reported for the genus Schistidium mostly before it was critically revised by H.H. Blom, who strongly changes species-level taxonomy of this genus. Old data on chromosome counts in Schistidium thus became difficult to use. In the present study 106 specimens with chromosome counts were revised. Among them we identified 13 species (S. apocarpum, S. crassipilum, S. dupretii, S. elegantulum, S. flaccidum, S. helveticum, S. lancifolium, S. papillosum, S. platyphyllum, S. pulchrum, S. robustum, S. trichodon var. nutans, S. submuticum), thus providing for many ‘narrow’ species the chromosome counts (all based on meiosis) for the first time. Most of them have n=13, while n=26 seems to be a characteristic of most specimens of S. apocarpum s. str. and one of S. submuticum, but other specimens of both these species have n=13 as well.