Ignatov, M.S., E.V. Karasev & S.M. Sinitsa. Upper Jurassic mosses from Baigul (Transbaikalia, South Siberia)

Arctoa (2011) 20: 43-64

A collection of Upper Jurassic fossils from the Baigul, Transbaikal Area of South Siberia, includes numerous specimens of mosses Bryokhutuliinia ingodensis (Srebrodolskaya) Ignatov and Baigulia complanta gen. et sp. nov. Leafy shoots, leaf characters and leaf cell structure are seen in both species. These two genera belong likely to pleurocarpous mosses, but without obvious affinity to any modern family. The third genus, Baiguliella, represented by six small shoots is compared with acrocarpous mosses of the Dicranaceae, Ditrichaceae, Archidiaceae, Meesiaceae.