Ignatova, E.A. & M.S. Ignatov. The genus Thamnobryum (Neckeraceae, Bryophyta) in Russia

Arctoa (2011) 20: 137-151

Five species of Thamnobryum are currently known in Russia: T. alopecurum (Hedw.) Niewl. ex Gang., T. coreanum (Cardot) Nog. & Z. Iwats., T. neckeroides (Hook.) E. Lawton, T. subseriatum (Mitt. ex Sande Lac.) B.C. Tan and T. subserratum (Hook. ex Harv.) Nog. & Z. Iwats. Lectotype of Thamnobryum vorobjovii (Laz.) Ochyra is selected; this species is synonymized with T. neckeroides; some collections identified by A.S. Lazarenko as T. vorobjovii belong also to T. coreanum. Thamnobryum plicatulum is excluded from the moss flora of Russia. Thamnobryum alopecurum occurs in the Caucasus and the Kaliningrad Province, its occurrence in NW European Russia and Russian Far East is not confirmed. Thamnobryum neckeroides grows in Asiatic Russia, including Russian Far East and southern Siberia; it is also recorded in the Caucasus (Abkhazia) and the Carpatian Mts. (Ukraine) for the first time. Other three species are known in the Russian Far East, mostly in its southern part, T. coreanum and T. neckeroides were also collected in Kamchatka. A key for the identification of these five species, their description, illustrations, ecological and distributional data are provided.