Fedosov, V.E., E.A. Ignatova, M.S. Ignatov & A.I. Maksimov. Rare species and preliminary list of mosses of the Anabar Plateau (Subarctic Siberia)

Arctoa (2011) 20: 153-174

A preliminaty list of mosses of Anabar Plateau and nearby areas (70-73N and 100-111E) includes 520 species. Rare species are highlighted and briefly discussed. With a mix of arctic, boreal, xeric, and even suboceanic species, the area is exceptionally rich for subarctic Siberia. The occurrence of numerous calciphytes, including 11 species of Seligeria, ultra-acidophytes such as Tetrodontium brownianum, and metallophytes in the genera Mielichhoferia and Coscinodon, can be explained by the complex bedrock geology.