Konstantinova, N.A. Сontribution to the hepatic flora of the Republic of Dagestan (Eastern Caucasus, Russia)

Arctoa (2011) 20: 175-182

An annotated list of hepatics for the Republic of Dagestan records 35 species based on approximately 150 specimens collected mainly by the author. Eight species (Chiloscyphus pallescens, Cololejeunea calcarea, Frullania jackii, Lophocolea bidentata, Ptilidium ciliare, Scapania praetervisa, Solenostoma confertissimum, Tritomaria quinquedentata) are new records for Dagestan and one taxon (Reboulia hemisphaerica subsp. australis) is new to Russia and the Caucasus. New localities for three red-listed European species (Frullania inflata, F. parvistipula, F. riparia) also are documented. These records expand our knowledge of hepatic distributions in Dagestan and the Caucasus.