Tubanova, D.Ya. & E.A. Ignatova. A new species of Dicranum (Dicranaceae, Bryophyta) from Asiatic Russia

Arctoa (2011) 20: 183-190

During the revision of Dicranum in Russia, a number of morphologically distinct specimens were revealed. They are similar to D. acutifolium (Lindb. & Arnell) C.E.O. Jensen in leaf shape and leaf transverse section, as well as in lamina areolation, but differ in transversely undulate leaves with sharply protruding upper angles of cells on dorsal side of distal lamina and costa, exhibiting resemblance with D. drummondii Müll. Hal., and some collections were found in various herbaria under this name. This morphology corresponds to a small but stable difference in nuclear ITS sequence, so the species is described here as Dicranum bardunovii sp. nov.