Fedosov, V.E. & E.A. Ignatova. On Orthotrichum pellucidum and O. hallii in Russia

Arctoa (2011) 20: 197-204

As a result of re-examination of specimens of Orthotrichum cupulatum Brid. and O. pellucidum Lindb. from Russia a rare xeric species, O. hallii Sull. & Lesq., was identified from Tyva Republic, southern Siberia; it is new for the moss flora of Russia. Some new localities of O. pellucidum in Russia were also revealed. The description and illustration of Russian specimens are provided, distinctive features of species morphology and their distribution are discussed. Orthotrichum hallii differs from O. pellucidum in completely bistratose leaf lamina, mostly simple papillae and generally southern distribution, associated with xeric regions of Asia and North America, while the latter species is known mainly from Arctic and Subarctic territories, representing a circumpolar distribution.