Fedosov, V.E. Encalypta sect. Rhabdotheca in Russia

Arctoa (2012) 21: 101-112

Molecular phylogenetic analysis of the Encalypta sect. Rhabdotheca in Russia based on the chloroplast trnL-F region reveals that eperistomate E. rhaptocarpa, an entity of dubious status, represents one of the most isolated entities, thus requiring recognition as a separate species. The earliest validly published name for this species is likely E. pilifera Funck, 1819, and E. intermedia Juratzka, 1870 is apparently its synonym. Description and illustrations of the former species, based on Russian specimens, are provided. Comments on the distribution of other species of the section are provided and all species are mapped. Encalypta spathulata was found to be heterogeneous, but at the same time it is the most isolated among all other studied species. The specific status of E. trachymitria has also been confirmed. Encalypta vulgaris is the most heterogeneous among Russian species of the section, both in trnL-F sequences and morphology. In Russia, it has mainly European distribution