Ignatov, M.S. & L.V. Ozerova. Mosses in greenhouse of Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden in Moscow

Arctoa (2012) 21: 169-172

Mosses in the greenhouse of the Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden in Moscow are represented by 25 species, two of them being identified only up to the genus level. Most of them belong to the local flora and likely penetrated into the greenhouse by spores through windows or with soil. Species from the local moss flora occur mainly in compartments with subtropical climate. The most widespread are Amblystegium serpens, Leptodictyum riparium and Leptobryum pyriforme. Among four exotic species occurring in the greenhouse, two are common aquarium species, Taxiphyllum barbieri and Vesicularia dubyana. Barbula consanguinea was found in bonsai pots, while Fissidens dissitifolius has recently spread over soil and concrete floor in tropical and subtropical parts of the greenhouse. Specific geliotropism of the latter species is briefly discussed.