Ignatova, E.A., O.I. Kuznetsova, M.S. Ignatov & H. KöcKinGer. The genera Oxystegus and Pseudosymblepharis (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta) in the Caucasus

Arctoa (2012) 21: 173-180

In the course of recent floristic studies in the Caucasus, Oxystegus daldinianus (De Not.) Köckinger, O. Werner & Ros was collected in the Black Sea coastal area, and two specimens from Dagestan were identified as Pseudosymblepharis bombayensis (Müll. Hal.) P. Sollman. Both species are newly recorded for Russia. Two localities of O. daldinianus and one of P. bombayensis were revealed in Georgia based on re-identified herbarium collections. Distinctiveness of these species based both on morphological characters and nuclear ITS sequences is discussed.