Bakalin, V., S.S. Choi & A. Ermolenko. Lejeunea alaskana (R.M. Schust. & Steere) Inoue & Steere, a new species for the Russian liverwort flora

Arctoa (2012) 21: 193-196

Lejeunea alaskana (R.M. Schust. & Steere) Inoue & Steere is found for the first time in Russia. The record is quite expectable taking into account the species distribution in Alaska. In Russia the species grows on calcareous substrates in mountain tundra belt. The areas in North-East Asia where the species occurs were probably not totally glaciated in Pleisocene (Magadan Province, Kolyma Uplands). The species description and illustrations are given, along with the key to the Lejeunea species in the Russian Far East as well as some phytogeographical speculations are provided.