Ignatov, M.S., E.A. Ignatova, A.A. Belousova & A.O. Sigaeva. Additional observations on protonemata of Schistostega pennata (Bryophyta)

Arctoa (2012) 211-20

The protonema of Schistostega pennata is well known due to its specific structure, making it luminous in a cat-eye manner. The growth patterns of protonemata are overviewed, including a filiform type that was not previously described for this species. The latter, however, seems to be important for the species, forming bridges between soil pieces and thus building its own habitat. The sticky surface of propaguliferous protonemata is also capable to stabilize surfaces where the species grows. Growth of protonemata is studied both in nature and in cultivation, showing outstanding plasticity and ground-cementing capacity.