Bakalin, V.A. A small collection of hepatics from Oregon and California (western North America)

Arctoa (2012) 21: 201-205

Identification of small hepatic collection of 112 specimens, collected by M. Ignaotvin California and Oregon, reveals 47 species (46 liverworts, 1 hornwort), including 9 species new to California: Cephaloziella varians, Chilosyphus rivularis, Lophozia guttulata, Lophozia savicziae, Marchantia alpestris, Plagiochila ovalifolia, Scapania obscura, Solenostoma pseudopyriflorum, and Scapania parvifolia var. grandiretis. Annotated list include comments on ecology and, in some cases, species morphology. The key for Scapania sect. Ciliatae (S. ciliata, S. hirosakiensis, S. americana, S. hollandiae) distributed in North Pacific is provided.