Tsegmed, Ts., T.N. Otnyukova & E. Enkhjargal. Contribution to the heatic flora of Mongolia

Arctoa (2012) 2171-76

Annotated list of 43 species of hepatics was compiled based on identification of ca. 200 samples collected in recent years by Ts. Tsegmed and E. Enkhjargal in the area of Sharyn gol (Mongol Daur District) and Prikhubsugul District. 16 species are recorded as new for Mongolia: Moerckia flotoviana, Riccardia palmata, Lejeunea cavifolia, Obtusifolium obtusum, Lophoziopsis longidens , Scapania gymnostomophila, S. irrigua, S. mucronata, S. cf. paludicola , S. spitsbergensis, Tritomaria exsecta, Arnellia fennica , Liochlaena subulata, Leiocolea badensis, L. heterocolpos, and Mesoptychia sahlbergii. The previous study of liverworts in Mongolia is overviewed.