Ignatov, M.S., E.V. Karasev, S.M. Sinitsa & E.V. Maslova. New Bryokhutuliinia species (Bryophyta) with sporophytes from the Upper Jurassic of Transbaikalia

Arctoa (2012) 21: 69-78


A new species of the moss genus Bryokhutuliinia, B. crassimarginata is described from the Upper Jurassic deposits from the Olov, Transbaikal Area of South Siberia. Its excellent preservation demonstrates that the leaves were not only complanate, but truly distichous. In addition to anatomically preserved gametophytes, sporophytes on short lateral branches were found, although carbonized and not exhibiting structural details. Possible relationships with pleurocarpous mosses and with Fissidentaceae are discussed.