Potemkin, A.D. & Yu.S. Mamontov. On Syzygiella nipponica (Adelanthaceae, Marchantiophyta) and its first record in Russia

Arctoa (2013) 22: 167-172


Syzygiella nipponica was collected in Primorye Territory on rocks. The plants were sterile and recognized due to prostrate shoots, coarsely papillose cell surface and sporadic postical intercalary branches not characteristic of known in Asia morphologically similar species of Jungermannia, Solenostoma, Plagiochila, Pedinophyllum, and Syzygiella. Collected plants are dissimilar to phylogenetically allied Syzygiella autumnalis. Their generic position was identified in the basis of comparison of rbcL gene sequence. Joint morphological and molecular study of collected materials and morphological tudy of collections from LE, KPABG, NICH, HIRO, HSNU, E (including types of Jamesoniella nipponica and its synonyms J. verrucosa, and J. perverrucosa) shows separate position of Syzygiella nipponica from S. autumnalis at the species level.