Czernyadjeva, I.V., Yu.S. Mamontov & O.M. Afonina. On bryophyte flora of Atsinskiy Sanctuary (Zabaikalsky Territory, South Siberia)

Arctoa (2013) 22: 217-222


An annotated list of hepatics (47 species) and mosses (126 species) from Atsinsky Sanctuary (southwestern part of Zabaikalsky Territory) is provided. It resulted from a collection made by the authors during a short-term visit to this locality. One hepatic, Cephaloziella divaricata var. asperifolia, and 9 mosses (Dicranella heteromalla, Herzogiella turfacea, Neckera borealis, Pohlia proligera, Schistostega pennata, Sciuro-hypnum curtum, Sphagnum flexuosum, S. russowii, S. wulfianum) are reported for Zabaikalsky Territory for the first time.