Grabovik, S.I. & L.E. Nazarova. Linear increment of Sphagnum mosses on Karelian mires (Russia)

Arctoa (2013) 22: 23-26


Linear increment of Sphagnum majus, S. fallax, S. balticum, S. obtusum, and S. subsecundum was examined in 2001-2010. The study was carried out in the mid-taiga subzone, in Koivu-Lambasuo mire conservation area (61 48' N and 33 35' E), Karelia, Russia. The greatest linear increment was observed for all of the Sphagnum mosses studied during favorable vegetation periods with warm spring and warm, humid summer. The growing seasons in 2002 and 2010 showed a significant decrease in growth for S. balticum, S. fallax and S. obtusum. Such a decline is likely to result from dehydration of moss capitula.