Borovichev, E.A. & V.A. Bakalin. A survey of Marchantiales in the Russian Far East II. Wiesnerellaceae – a new family for the Russian liverworts flora

Arctoa (2014) 23: 1-4

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.23.01

In the course of revision of Marchantiales for the Russian Far East, Wiesnerella denudata, the only species of the monotypic family Wiesnerellaceae is recorded for the first time in Russia. The plant has been found in Iturup and Shikotan Islands of South Kurils), and this is the northernmost locality in the world, the nearest previously known locality being in Honshu in Japan and on the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula. The morphological description and figures based on specimens from Russia are provided.