Borovichev, E.A. & V.A. Bakalin. A survey of Marchantiales from the Russian Far East III. Note on Marchantia paleacea Bertol.

Arctoa (2014) 23: 25-28. doi: 10.15298/arctoa.23.04

Marchantia paleacea Bertol. is a poorly known species in Russia not included into any regional handbook. The paper provides its morphological description and illustrations based on material from the Russian Far East, as well as the distinction from M. polymorpha L. s.l., the only other species known in Russia. M. paleacea subsp. paleacea is recorded for the first time in Primorsky Territory. Differentiation from M. paleacea  subsp. diptera (Nees & Mont.) Inoue is provided, the latter subspecies being a taxon which may be also found in the Russian Far East.