Bakalin, V.A. & T. Katagiri. The historical collection of liverworts from Sakhalin by Urbian Faurie (1846–1915) in Herbarium of Kyoto

Arctoa (2014) 23: 29-32. doi: 10.15298/arctoa.23.05

The paper provides the brief sketch of the life of Father Urbian Faurie (1846–1915), the remarkable French missionary and botanist who made a great input to the understanding of bryophyte flora of Sakhalin at the primary stages of its exploration. The original specimens gathered by U. Faurie housed in KYO were re-studied. As a result, four species were newly identified from his collection, the records of two species not found in Sakhalin since the beginning of 20-th century (probably extinct in the current flora) were confirmed and an excluding of one species from the previously published lists was confirmed.