Dulin, M.V. Liverworts of the geological reserve “Skaly Kamenky” (Komi Republic)

Arctoa (2014) 23: 63-69. doi: 10.15298/arctoa.23.07

An annotated list of liverworts of the geological reserve “Skaly Kamenky” includes 61 species and one subspecies. This territory was not explored for liverwort flora before. Information on habitat, substrates, reproductive system and associated species is provided. Five new sites of rare species red-listed in the Komi Republic (Arnellia fennica, Heterogemma laxa, Lophoziopsis pellucida, Oleolophozia perssonii, Schistochilopsis hyperarctica) is presented. Some taxa (Jungermannia polaris, Moerckia flotoviana и Cephaloziella elegans, Cephaloziella arctogena) was recently found in the flora of the Komi Republic, so their distribution and ecology are still little known.