Zheleznova, G.V., T.P. Shubina. Mosses of the Belaya River basin (Northern Timan, Nenets Autonomous District)

Arctoa (2015) 24: 204-209

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.24.20

Moss flora of the Belaya River basin, Northern Timan, Arkhangelsk Region (67 18'67 23N, 49 05'49 23' E) includes data on 226 species and subspecies of mosses from 101 genera and 35 families with a brief geo-botanic description. We found bryophyte species new for the tundra areas of the European North such as Didymodon fallax, Lescuraea secunda, Plagiothecium curvifolium, Pohlia vexans, Tetrodontium repandum, Tetraplodon pallidus, and Timmia bavarica. The taxonomic structure of mosses is the same as that for tundra areas of the European North. The most numerous moss families are the Dicranaceae (22 species), Amblystegiaceae (18), Sphagnaceae (16), and Mielichhoferiaceae (16). Boreal (85), arctic-alpine (60), hypo-arctic-mountain (29) and mountain (29) species are most numerous there.