Yoon,Y.-J., B.C. Tan, C.-H. Kim & B.-Y. Sun. Ten new records of South Korean mosses

Arctoa (2015) 24: 37-42

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.24.07

Two moss varieties new to science, namely Fissidens involutus Wilson ex Mitt. var. jejuensis Y.-J. Yoon, B. C. Tan & B.-Y. Sun, var. nov. and Leskeodon maibarae var. jejuensis Y.-J. Yoon, B. C. Tan & B.-Y. Sun, var. nov., are described, and a total of eight new records of taxa of mosses of South Korea, which include Dicranum montanum, Fissidens anomalus, Fissidens crispulus var. robinsonii, Leskeodon maibare, Okamuraea hakoniensis fo. multiflagellifera, Pylaisia selwynii, Sematophyllum phoeniceum and Sematophyllum subpinnatum, are reported. Of these, seven are also new moss records for the entire Korean Peninsula, including North Korea. These noteworthy moss specimens were collected from various parts of South Korea, and the two new varieties are from Jeju-do (Jeju Island). The phytogeographical role of Jeju Island in the post-glacial migration and speciation of the cryptogamic flora of Korean Peninsula is briefly mentioned.