Donskov, D.G. Moss leaf morphogenesis and its correlation with the leaf shape in Funariaceae (Bryophyta)

Arctoa (2015) 24: 503-508

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.24.41


A method of cell coding is suggested, which allows transforming the sequence of reconstructed cell divisions in moss leaves into a datamatrix ready for statistical analysis. The comparison is done for Physcomitrium pyriforme, P. sphaericum and Physcomitrella patens, showing a contrasing difference of P. sphaericum, but revealing certain differences between Physcomitrium pyriforme and Physcomitrella as well. Assuming that the cell divisions perform alternation of longitudinal and transverse divisions, P. sphaericum is characterised by minimal omissions of divisions. In Physcomitrium pyriforme divisions in costal halves of leaf are more numerous than in marginal halves, whereas in Physcomitrella the number of transverse divisions in these parts of leaf is about equal. The correlation between the number of missed cell divisions with shape of the distal leaf part is discussed.