Bakalin, V.A., Y. Xiong & E.A. Borovichev. Additions to the knowledge of Guizhou hepatics (South China)

Arctoa (2015) 24: 509-519

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.24.42


The paper provides the results of a recent collaborative Russian-Chinese exploration of the Guizhou hepatic flora in southern China. In total, 99 species are listed, with seven species newly recorded for China (Calypogeia angusta, Cordaea flotoviana, Mesoptychia chinensis, M. ussuriensis, Lophozia silvicola, Riccia nipponica, and Riccardia nagasakiensis) and 12 others new for the Guizhou Province.  Presence of regenerative structures in the specimens examined, distribution in four studied localities, the elevation, ecology and associated species are provided for each species. Oil bodies of 54 species are illustrated by color photographs.