Sofronova, E.V.  Liverworts of stone birch forests of Yakutia

Arctoa (2015) 24: 556-566

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.24.48


Deciduous forests occupy only 1-2% of forested area of Yakutia and do not play a significant role in the forest cover of the republic. However, the species composition of these communities is quite diverse and peculiar. Data on liverwort species composition of birch forests (Betula lanata (=B. ermanii var. lanata) in South Yakutia are given for the first time. In total, 37 species and two varieties of 26 genera of liverworts were recorded there. Two species, Bazzania tricrenata and Diplophyllum obtusatum, were found in Yakutia only in this type of forest. Although stone birch forests occupy small areas in the territory of the republic, rare species Anastrophyllum michauxii, Frullania koponenii, Orthocaulis attenuatus, Tritomaria exsecta are found there. Stone birch forests play a significant role in liverworts diversity conservation. A comparison of stone-birch forests in different parts of Yakutia is given, along with the similar comparison for spruce and larch forests, showing more stable hepatic diversity in stone-birch forest in areas with contrasting climate in comparison with other types of forests.