Ivchenko, T.G. & A.D. Potemkin.  Liverworts of mire ecosystems of South Urals within Chelyabinsk Province

Arctoa (2015) 24: 574-583

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.24.50


Geobotanic investigation of 200 mire massifs resulted in finds of 49 liverwort species in 243 geobotanic descriptions made in 78 mires of the Chelyabinsk Province. Liverwort species composition, ecological and coenotic characteristics of mires are provided. The annotated list includes data on frequency, coenotic distribution and affiliation, presence of structures associated with reproduction, mire water level measurements, pH. Species diversity and taxonomic composition mire liverworts of the study area of other studied mire territories of Russia are discussed. Liverworts are infrequent and not abundant in South Urals mires and usually associate with mosses. Twenty three species are recorded for the first time for the Chelyabinsk Province including Cordaea flotoviana, Gymnocolea fascinifera, Heterogemma laxa, Riccardia incurvata new for Urals and Cephaloziella spinigera new for South Urals.