Fedosov, V.E., A.V. Fedorova, A.V. Troitsky, V.K. Bobrova & M.S. Ignatov. On the systematic position of Hymenoloma (Bryophyta)

Arctoa (2016) 25: 119–130

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.25.10


Molecular phylogenetic analyses based on nad5, rps4 and trnL-F sequences suggest the position of the genus Hymenoloma in the order Scouleriales. This order includes two monogeneric families: Scouleriaceae, with aquatic plants, and Drummondiaceae that includes mostly epiphytic mosses. Mainly epilithic Hymenoloma strongly differs from both of them, as well as they differ from each other, thus a new family Hymenolomataceae is suggested for this genus. Morphologically, Hymenoloma has no unique characters, although its outstanding plasticity provides some explanation of its relationships with Scouleria and Drummondia.