Flatberg, K.I., O.M. Afonina, Yu.S. Mamontov, V.E. Fedosov & E.A. Ignatova. On Sphagnum mirum (subgen. Squarrosa) and S. olafii (subgen. Acutifolia) (Sphagnaceae, Bryophyta) in Russia

Arctoa (2016) 25: 96–101

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.25.06


Two moss species, Sphagnum mirum and S. olafii are reported from Russia for the first time. Sphagnum mirum was found in Ary-Mas Station, Eastern Taimyr, and in Zabaikalsky Territory; S. olafii was revealed in collections from Chukotka Peninsula and from Zabaikalsky Territory. Both species were recently described by the first author from the Arctic: Alaska (S. mirum) and Svalbard (S. olafii), and their ranges remain insufficiently known. Both findings in Russia are new for Asia and continental Eurasia. Localities in Zabaikalsky Territory are the southernmost ones for both species, the only known outside Arctic. Descriptions and illustrations of these species, based on Asian collections, are provided, their ecology and distinctive morphological characters are overviewed.