Bakalin, V.A., V.E. Fedosov, E.A. Borovichev & A.V. Yanov. Liverworts of Putorana Plateau (East Siberia): an updated checklist

Arctoa (2016) 25: 369379

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.25.29


The new checklist of Putorana liverworts was compiled based on examination of recent collections and summarizing of literature data. It includes 118 species, 47 of them are new for the plateau. The most interesting records are Odontoschisma francisci, Saccobasis polymorpha, Endogemma caespiticia and Marchantia romanica. The occurrence of 26 taxa mentioned in the literature was not re-confirmed. In general terms, the flora is typical for continental Hemiarctic with very limited number of taxa showing East Asian (Apotreubia nana) and amphi-oceanic (Cordaea flotoviana, Lophozia savicziae, Odontoschisma francisci, Saccobasis polymorpha) distribution.