Sofronova, E.V. & L.I. Kopyrina. A contribution to the liverwort flora of Endybal River Basin (Arkachan Plateau, Verkhoyansky Range, Yakutia)

Arctoa (2016) 25: 380–385

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.25.30


Liverwort flora of the Arkachan Plateau is studied for the first time. This area is situated in the northern macroslope of the Central Verkhoyanie (Yana River Basin). The annotated list includes 36 species and one variety. 28 species were found for the first time in Central Verkhoyanye. Data on structures associated with reproduction, recorded localities, substrates, habitats, associated species, growth pattern and representative specimens are listed for every species. New data are obtained on the distribution of rare hepatics: Bucegia romanica, Lejeunea alaskana, Radula prolifera, and Frullania subarctica.