Ivanov, O.V., M.A. Kolesnikova, O.M. Afonina, T.V. Akatova, E.Z. Baisheva, O.A. Belkina, A.G. Bezgodov, I.V. Czernyadjeva, S.V. Dudov, V.E. Fedosov, E.A. Ignatova, E.I. Ivanova, M.N. Kozhin, E.D. Lapshina, A.A. Notov, O.Yu. Pisarenko, N.N. Popova, A.N. Savchenko, V.V. Teleganova, G.Yu. Ukrainskaya & M.S. Ignatov. The database of the Moss flora of Russia

Arctoa (2017) 26: 1–10

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.26.1


This publication is to announce the database of the Moss Flora of Russia at http://arctoa.ru/Flora/basa.php. It also explains the strategy and approaches so as to be maximally useful for the publication of the Moss Flora of Russia, a six-volume print edition that was started in 2017. The database currently contains over 128 000 records; it is shown to be reasonably complete for illustrating the species distribution within the expanded territory of the country. A number of scripts allow instant comparison of various territories, highlighting hotspots and underexplored areas. Problems of data control and presentation are discussed.