Ignatova, E.A., O.I. Kuznetsova, I.A. Milyutina, V.E. Fedosov & M.S. Ignatov. The genus Fabronia (Fabroniaceae, Bryophyta) in Russia

Arctoa (2017) 26: 1134

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.26.2


A combined molecular-phylogenetic and morphological approach to the genus Fabronia resulted in recognizing of five species in the territory of Russia. Fabronia ciliaris is rather widespread in Russia, while F. pusilla and F. rostrata are rare. Two species are added: F. major is resurrected from the oblivion and F. altaica sp. nova is described. These species were found to be distinct from F. ciliaris in two studied nuclear markers of the ribosomal operon, ITS and IGS1, as well as by morphology. Detailed morphological descriptions and illustrations of all species, information on their distribution and key to identification of Fabronia species in Russia are given. It is shown that partial sequences of IGS1 provide a much stronger phylogenetic signal being essentially congruent with ITS.