Konstantinova, N.A. & E.D. Lapshina. The hepatics of the Upper Puiva River (Sub-Polar Ural, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District)

Arctoa (2017) 26: 3546

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.26.3


An annotated list of hepatics of the Upper Puiva River basin (eastern slope of Subpolar Urals) was compiled based on identification of ca. 450 specimens collected by Elena Lapshina in 2015. It includes 104 species, two subspecies and two varieties, among which four species (Calycularia laxa, Jungermannia atrovirens, J. polaris, and Scapania tundrae), two subspecies and one variety are new for the Urals and 23 species and one variety are new for Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District Yugra. New localities for the worldwide rare hepatics (Biantheridion undulifolium, Protolophozia elongata, Lophoziopsis pellucida, and Cephaloziella arctogena) and very rare the in Urals Asterella lindenbergiana, Sauteria alpina, Odontoschisma macounii, and Cephaloziella varians are revealed. A worldwide distribution of the treated species and some morphological peculiarities are discussed. The described flora is compared with the previously studied neighboring flora of Mt. Ner-Oika.